Sedona was a beautiful place to get away and celebrate my 50th birthday. I used to think 50 was old, ha! And here I am, half a century young. While I really do think it’s just a number, recent life events have been demanding I take note of the clock. It’s happening. Our days are numbered and how we spend them matters. I thought I would have more figured out by now but after giving up a career and spending two decades at home with the kids, I’m getting a fresh start. A do-over if you will. I’m trying hard to live a life I won’t regret while not breaking myself. But that can actually happen in my sleep these days so there’s that. Guess I’m not sure what I want to be just yet. Kinda scary and exhilarating all at once. It’s the year of awakening and self-discovery. My heart has been dinged up a bit over the last couple years, but I feel blessed to still have breath in my lungs and fire in my soul. The sky’s still the limit.

Hi, I’m Lish. 🖐🏻 Empty nester, rediscovering myself at 50.


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